TEAM FACE runs Falmouth Road Race

Article originally posted on www.anchornews.org

FALMOUTH — Congratulations go out to the TEAM FACE runners for completing the Falmouth Road Race and for participating for the first time in the Numbers for Non-Profits.

It was a success for all runners raising a total of more than $12,600 for FACE scholarships.

Bishop Edgar M. da Cunha, S.D.V., D.D, participated as part of TEAM FACE.  He combined two of his passions — enjoying the outdoors and advocating for Catholic education. “As bishop in the Diocese of Fall River, I have seen first-hand the financial need many of our students and families experience. We want all families who desire a Catholic education to have the opportunity to be part of our Catholic school community!”

There is still time to donate and support TEAM FACE through September 30. Visit the TEAM FACE link or use the QR code to learn more and make a donation! www.face-dfr.org/asics-2021-falmouth-road-race.

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