Scholarships Available

There is a scholarship available for most situations

General Scholarships

The goal of FACE is to assure that no child is denied the benefit from attending a Catholic school due to financial challenges. We believe that every child should have the opportunity to receive a quality Catholic education and that finances should never be the reason a student is not able to attend a Catholic school. FACE awards general scholarships as financial aid for K-8 students in the Diocese of Fall River Catholic Schools. Schools (and some parishes) may offer additional aid to help make Catholic education a reality for these students.

Hope & Opportunity Scholarship

Through a generous donation by The Carney Family, the Hope & Opportunity scholarship will provide low-income students with up to $2,000 to attend a Catholic elementary or middle school either in the Taunton, New Bedford, or Fall River area.

To qualify for a Hope and Opportunity scholarship, your family must be at or below the Title 1 poverty level as determined by the state and attend a Catholic school in the Taunton, Fall River, or New Bedford areas.

Hanley Scholarship

FACE is happy to continue to offer the Hanley Scholarship which is designated for K-8 students residing in and attending Catholic schools in Barnstable county. FACE will automatically review Barnstable county students for qualification of the Hanley Scholarship.

Verville Scholarship

FACE is happy to continue to offer the Verville Scholarship which endows a scholarship fund in memory of Roger F. and Helen E. Verville. FACE will automatically review students for qualification of the Verville Scholarship.