This initiative communicates the bright future of our schools in the Diocese of Fall River.

The children in our Catholic schools today are the future parishioners, benefactors, and leaders of our Catholic faith of tomorrow. Without our Catholic schools, our children would not receive the moral and religious instruction which is so desperately needed in this world today.

Despite financial challenges and other enrollment barriers, 2 million children remain in Catholic schools across the country – mainly due to the generosity of donors who never gave up on Catholic education. A “renaissance” in the past decade or so has brought fresh management structures, teacher pipelines, updated technologies, and private investors that have put Catholic schools in the best position for future success. Now is the time to leverage this exciting renaissance and position OUR Catholic schools for even greater success.

Under the leadership of Bishop da Cunha, our Catholic schools have already exhibited the start of their renaissance.


In the past three years we’ve made about $10 million worth of investments in capital and programmatic changes:

  • New academic center – Bishop Connolly
  • New physics lab – Bishop Stang
  • New gymnasium – Bishop Feehan
  • Upgraded Wi-Fi in all 20 schools
  • New instructional approaches to math
  • Blended learning for individualized instruction
  • Partnerships with Stonehill College, Boston College, and Bridgewater State University
  • Increased special education programs

We look forward to continuing to improve our schools so that we are able to offer this “National Asset” to future generations of families in the Diocese of Fall River.