FACE FALL DINNER – Supporting FACE student scholarships and helping the local community

While this past Foundation to Advance Catholic Education (FACE) Fall Dinner was a little different than the traditional annual event due to the pandemic, the “Show Went Online” to continue its support of scholarships for Catholic school students in the Diocese of Fall River—and ultimately also supported the greater community.

With each challenging situation there is often a silver lining. Early in the planning process, the FACE Fall Dinner Committee decided to offer sponsors and donors the option to have meals delivered so they could enjoy a delicious meal while they tuned in to view the virtual program, or they could opt to donate their meals back to those in need. FACE Fall Dinner supporters overwhelmingly responded to forgo their meals and donate them to people in need. And so, a wonderful collaboration between FACE and The Catholic Foundation of Southeastern Massachusetts, Catholic Social Services and White’s of Westport began with coordinating over 200 meal deliveries for those in need in our community.

In February, guests at shelters throughout the Fall River and New Bedford areas were the recipients of these donated hot, homecooked meals and they couldn’t have been more appreciative to receive this special gift. Susan Mazzarella, CEO of Catholic Social Services said, “Members of the community were so grateful. This was more than just a meal. It made them feel special, noticed, and not forgotten. Being catered to, literally, was a dignity restoring act.” One small act of kindness and generosity can create a ripple effect and make an impact. This was a truly remarkable experience where we were able to come together to make a difference for so many.

To learn more about The Foundation to Advance Catholic Education (FACE) or Catholic Social Services please visit:

FACE – www.face-dfr.org

Catholic Social Services: www.cssdioc.org

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